This is the cheese that built a better mousetrap...

This is the cheese that built a better mousetrap...

    During the Super Bowl, a rather important football game played on Sunday, the restaurant chain Denny’s aired a commercial inviting people to enjoy a free Grand Slam breakfast on Tuesday. And yesterday, Denny’s made good on its promise attracting over two million people to its 1,500 locations to shovel the 770 calorie Grand Slam breakfast into their pancake holes.

    “It was amazing,” said Bob Thrubottlin, manager of the Denny’s in Lilburn, Georgia, I’ve never seen this place so packed or our cooks so doggone busy. They were cracking eggs like nervous hens in an earthquake.”

     The promotion was such a success, the excited manager is hoping it becomes a regular menu item. “I’m telling you, I think we’ve captured lightning in a bottle with this baby,” said Thrubottlin. “This Free Grand Slam Breakfast is something that attracts folks like june bugs to warm honey. I’m talking to corporate and seeing if we can’t add a free lunch and a free dinner special, too. I need to build traffic in all dayparts! This free food seems to be the secret to success in this business!” Patrons of the restaurant readily agreed they would visit more often if the food were “more freer.”

    There was no comment from corporate on Manger Thrubottlin’s suggestion .