Well, lookee here, another blog.

Let’s hope not.

Yes, you’ll find some rants and raves like other blogs and some lame attempts at humor and maybe even some inspiring, thoughtful and informed points of view. Maybe even pictures of squirrels dressed as blacksmiths––anyone got any?

But more than anything expect this: immortality.

Because unlike every other blog out there, only the Lint Screen can bring you the iron clad guarantee* that you will not die if you are a regular reader. And if you spread the good word about The Lint Screen, you’ll get industrial sized gobs of good luck ensuring your long unending life will be a perpetual state of hunky dory-ness.

When you think about, life’s too short to read other blogs––blogs that will eventually kill you. Read the Lint Screen where immortality lives forever.

*Should you die, we’re really sorry and suppose that God really, really needed you.


9 Responses to “About da Blog”

  1. Bill Glass Says:

    Clever – enjoyed the site.

  2. Mary Jensen Says:

    Funny Guz- I think I read some of this in other places. I loved the movie reviews.

  3. Erica Gonzalez Gheesling Says:

    I’m a newbie to this whole Ad Club thing and I thought I’d say hi. Hi! By the looks of your last email and this blog spot your brain must go a mile a minute better yet make that a second. This will be an interesting ride… I’m scared… mommy…

    I’ll be sure to introduce myself when I’m able to make my first get together on Oct 23. Have a good one!

  4. jason kenny Says:

    Personally I would put a lovely bench so all the squirrels could use it and maybe add a mini bar and a Jacuzzi at a later date just for the wildlife though!

  5. Accedecax Says:

    Hi, cool site, good writing 😉

  6. Scott Day Says:


    Sorry this took so long, but I have posted my findings on the infamous McFurinston clan. The name alone strikes fear into the hearts of things furry and feathered throughout the lands. You should snag the pics, for whatever your twisted intentions might be.


    Gotta run, my taquitos are ready.


  7. Bless you, Scott. These pictures are truly incredible and awe-inspiring.

    I will certainly use them for good, not evil.

  8. Ex Back Says:

    The style of writing is very familiar . Have you written guest posts for other bloggers?

  9. No, haven’t done anything on other blogs except random comments, I’ve written some things that have appeared in print from time to time.

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